Various Types Of Mountain Bike

It is essential to think about what type of mountain biking you are going to do if you really want to get the right bike for you. Take your time to find out the exact reason of your mountain-bike before investing your money. Since, mountain biking is a famous sport, there are so many bikes in the market to pick from. Based on the style or type of your riding your choice will differ. Here, we have compiled a list of most famous types of mountain bikes for your reference.

downhill mountain bikeDownhill mountain bike

This type of mountain bike is employed for riding downhill fast and is made with this particular aim in mind. These bikes are heavy enough and not built for climbing. Downhill mountain bike have approximately 180-220 mm of suspension. Downhill mountain bikes are generally picked up in a vehicle or a chairlift and then ridden downhill.

Single Speed Mountain Bikes

single speed mountain bikeThis type of mountain bikes has just one gear. Single speed mountain bikes are quieter, lighter, low maintenance, and cost efficient as compared to their geared counterpart. Since, there is just one gear, mountain bike lovers who ride single speed bikes are generally in fairly good physical shape. This mountain bike is basically either rigid or hardtail.

Folding Mountain Bike

folding mountain bikeThis type of mountain bike is incredibly portable, lightweight, and versatile. Folding mountain bikes can be easily folded in a travel case, so that they can be easily taken in a boat, bus, train, or plane. This type of mountain bike can also be expediently stored in your car’s trunk hence you do not require a bike rack. This type of mountain bike is a great choice for you if you have limited space and would like to travel outside with your own bike.

Women’s Mountain Bike

woman mountain bikeThis type of mountain bike is made to fit the normal body structure of a female rider. Females are often lighter, smaller, and have shorter arms and torsos compared to males. If you’re a girl having this body type then a women’s mountain bike is wonderful choice for you and you should consider buying this bike which is also available under 500$ mountain bikes.

29er mountain bike29er Mountain Bikes

This type of mountain bikes is becoming more and more famous day by day. The standard mountain bikes have about 26 inches wheels. The reason for the bigger wheels is as they turn over obstructions more effortlessly than the 26-inch wheels. These kinds of mountain bikes may be rigid, hardtail, or full suspension.

Freeride Mountain Bikes

Freerider mountain bikeThis type of mountain bike is same as the downhill mountain-bike, but, it’s more simply tricked and is frequently lighter as compared to the downhill bike. This type of mountain bike is made for different technical stunts like jumping plus many others. These bikes have approximately 160-180-mm of suspension.

How to buy the best Mountain Bike

Do you want some more stimulation into your life? Do you want to scheme off road for escaping congestion and traffic? Are you excited by friends’ story of jaw-dropping overlooks and sweet single-track? Well, then you have received the mountain-bike bug which is great for you. Well, now is the good time to do the shopping and explore the market to see the available options of sweet fat-tire flyers that will fulfill all your dreams.

Do A Little research First

Prior to rush in and pick anything just randomly, consider where and how you will ride. If you have a friend who is mountain biker, then you can take a ride with them to know the greatest trails. Simply ask and they will provide you comprehensive details regarding these rides, and then they will put up you on a dialed-in fix that will be best for your budget and rides. If you have received a biking backdrop like BMX riding and wish to try out a mountain-bike, consider how you will actually employ it.

For instance, if you’re concerned in freeriding, dirt jumping, and popping wheelies you will need a dissimilar bike than the rider wishing to enjoy picturesque jungle loops. If you are new to the planet of off-road hills and thrills, then you must learn more about the riding or the place you want to ride. Take the help of the professionals to know about the best off-road ways and take suggestions on different types of bike and equipment that excels. You might also think about asking your friend for borrowing a bike so that you can try off-road cycling for getting a feel for how and where you will ride as this information will aid you in choosing the good bike.

Best mountain bikesAssess Yourself

Which kind of mountain bike matches your style best? For instance, are you the kind of person who has to get the best in the world or would you be pleased receiving an affordable quality at an enjoyable price point? Do you want decent designs or are you obsessed with advanced technology? Will you have this bike for longer years or more or are you planning that you will improve when your interests and skills develop?

As you are soul searching, think how much you would like spending on your mountain bike. Explore the offline or online stores to see some mountain bike models and see how rates differ. And consider what you are comfortable spending. Remember that you frequently require accessories with new-bike purchases, for example, cycling shorts, shoes, gloves, and a helmet. As these will contribute to the purchase price of bike, include some additional in your budget.

Choices in abundance

You will learn that there is captivating varieties of off-road equipment and bikes; so that sellers are every so often struck with analysis paralysis plus have the complexity choosing the correct bike. If you spend good time in considering your shopping trends you can get good options. Understanding your requirements and your choices is the best way to shortlist the different new under 500$ mountain bikes and make sure that you get your dream bike.